Monday, June 14


1. Wash your hands with NON CREAM BASED soap, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free towel prior to inserting your lenses. A wet finger may cause a soft lens to flatten or stick to you finger when you attempt to insert the lens.

2. Avoid using fingernails to handle your lenses.

3. Do not work with your lenses over a sink; you could lose one down the drain and disinfect if the lens drop.

4. Pour the lens and storage fluid from the lens case into your palm. Inspect the lenses for particles, deposits, small crack or tears. Upon opening your new lens package, ensure that lenses sit in fresh solution for 4 to 6 hours, followed by proper cleaning instructions.

5. If your lenses feel dry or if your vision is blurred, blink hard several times. If the redness or blurry vision persists after blinking, apply one or two comfort drops (eye drops)--you can easily buy from Watson,Guardian or any pharmacy.

6. It is advisable to place solution in your lens carrying case and carry it with you at all times. You never know when you may have to remove your lenses.


1. You will have far more success and satisfaction with the lens if you follow this schedule. Your eyes need time to adjust to the lens.

Day 1 - 1 hour of wear

Day 2 - 2 hours of wear

Day 3 - 3 hours of wear

Day 4 - 4 hours of wear

Day 5 - 5 to 8 hours of wear

2. Reaction of first time contact lens use include; tearing, redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking and movement of the lens. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses, these symptons will gradually diminish.

3. Upon removing the lens, place the lens in your palm ready to be cleaned, followed by placing the lens in the case with fresh solution.

4. Rinse the lens throughly with more all purpose solution. Never use homemade solutions, mineral water or tap water. They may contain organisms that could cause an infection.


1. These lenses are for comestic purposes and should only be worn for 6 to 8 hours at a time, even if they feel comfortable.

2. Never sleep or taking nap while wearing your lenses !! It's Dangerous !!

3. Apply Cosmetics after you insert your lens adn remove cosmetics after removing your lenses. Water based comestics are less damaging to your lens then oil based.

4. Never swim while wearing your lenses. It is very likely that you will lose them and if not lost they may get contaminated

5. Do not get lotions, creams or sprays in your eyes or on your lenses and avoid the presence of chemicals.

6. Never skip in lens care.

7. Do not share lenses with your friends.

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